Този модел е На линия Офлайн
25, Скорпион, Bulgaria, sofia
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Сексуални предпочитанияБисексуални
Височина5'4" - 5'6" [160 см - 170 см]
Тегло100 - 120 фунта [46 - 55 кг]
ЕзициАнглийски, Френски
Роден град
Полово окосмяванеКосмата
Гръдна обиколкаГоляма
Какво ме възбужда
nice guys who know to treat a Lady , Ohmibod hihi
За мен
I m a sweet women and i have a sexy body, i m a good person and open mind
Какво ме отблъсква
rude talking ....
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Perfect man

Romantic and caring man who makes me happy

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My monkey no else here ever will measure up to you! I looked you are the best to and ever will be! I know I'm not he best but I sure try hard .as I told you before all I have to see is you face! That does it for me! Love you monkey!
Monkey love I love you the best ever! Best her and everywhere! kiss you all over!
Monkey you are the best! Sorry you don't understand me. But I understand you!
Hello all BUCMONKEYGOLD is a little sick right now but my monkey has been with me like no other! She is a great lady and I love her for it! Is why we are monkeys!
Lasă un come
thank you soo much my friend
I miss you very much beautiful lady!!! Big Kisses!
You are a very special person and beautiful inside and out I am glad to get the chance to know you and call you a true friend.
thank you so much kai :*
To say you are beautiful and sexy ,would be redundant for even if your blind you can feel your inner beauty that comes through no matter how far.,Your grace, your passion and your compassion is so strong I bath in your presences, like nectar of the gods from which you grace us. There is no happier place anywhere than beside you my breath taking friend.
Aloha Kai
We love to be watched by you...

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